How do I upload files from my computer?

You can upload your data in an Excel or comma separated value (.csv) file format. This article shows you how to format your data before you import it into DataHero.

1) Log in to DataHero and go to your homepage. Click the IMPORT DATA button in the header bar on the top righthand corner of the page. 


2) Either drag in or browse for the Excel or csv file you wish to upload.

3) Confirm that your data looks correct and is categorized correctly. If it is incorrect, see these Tips and Tricks to “clean” your data and make it easier for our Data Decoder to read. Categorizing your data is very important so DataHero can suggest useful charts for you. 

4) Use DataHero's suggested charts or create a new chart.

Note: If you store your files in a cloud drive such as Google Drive or Dropbox, you can still import the Excel files and also schedule them for automatic updates. To learn more about automatic updates, check out this article

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