How do I update my charts/data in DataHero?

After you've imported your data, you can keep that data up-to-date, a feature of any paid DataHero plan.

You can update the charts you've created with the latest data from online services, spreadsheets in cloud storage services and even files on your laptop.

Here's how you can do this: 

  1. Upgrade to a paid DataHero plan (if you haven't already)
  2. Upload a file from your computer or import data from a connected service
  3. Create new charts and/or customize suggested charts to get your insights
  4. From the data view page, click the UPDATE YOUR DATA tab on the left to show the options for Live Charts


There are two ways to use Live Charts: Manual Updates and Scheduled Updates.


Manual Updates

Manual Updates let you update a dataset and its charts at any time.  Simply click the UPDATE NOW button and DataHero will fetch the latest version of your data.

For datasets that were created by uploading a file from your computer, DataHero will prompt you to select the file containing the latest version of your data.


Scheduled Updates

Scheduled Updates allow you to set a schedule for automatic updates of your data and charts.  To get started, click the SCHEDULE button.  This will bring up a popup window for you to set the update schedule:


The popup window also has a checkbox where you can enable email updates whenever your data and charts are updated.  If you select EMAIL UPDATES, you'll receive an email each time your data is updated.

Once you've set your schedule, you can change it at anytime by selecting Edit Update Schedule from the Updates menu.

Note: Updates for datasets that were created from files that were manually uploaded from your computer cannot be scheduled and must use Manual Updates.

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