How do I add filters to my chart?

Filters are an important feature of DataHero that allows you to choose information you don't want included in your data analysis, but that should not be displayed on the graph.

There are two ways to use filters in DataHero. 

First, you can simply drag an attribute that you wish to visualize onto the main section of the chart. If this is a text attribute, you'll see that DataHero automatically shows the textual categories in the left navigation bar. In the example below, you'll see that I have a chart created of median rental prices by date. Then I drag "State" onto the main section of the chart. 



Then DataHero will automatically create a stacked column chart and I can see in the left side bar that I can select which textual categories I'd like to see in my chart. 


In the second way to filter in DataHero, it will present you with an aggregated view of your filters. 

For example, if I take my median rent price chart by state and add "Metro Region" to the top right corner of the chart, I'll see a text box asking me to select which categories I'd like to see in my chart. I can check or uncheck the boxes I'm interested in seeing depending on this chart. Note: these will be broken down as an aggregate, not by category. 



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