How do I change chart types?

DataHero automatically determines a chart type it thinks is a good representation of your data.  However, we also know that the machine is not always right and in many situations there can be many visualizations types that can represent your data.

To manually select a different chart type, you can change it by selecting the Type drop-down in the upper left of the chart page.

DataHero has support for the following chart types; however, it will limit choices based on what chart types are possible based on what data you have selected to display in your chart.

Chart Types:

  • Line
  • Line (smoothed) - will round the corners
  • Scatter Plot
  • Area
  • Area (smoothed) - will round the edges
  • Stacked Area
  • Pie
  • 3D Pie
  • Donut
  • 3D Donut
  • Column
  • Stacked Column
  • Bar
  • Stacked Bar
  • 3D Column
  • 3D Stacked Column
  • Map (Marker)
  • Map (Region)
  • Heat Map
  • Funnel
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