Importing data from Stripe

Once you have connected your Stripe account, you can easily import your revenue data to get started in the analysis. DataHero supports importing these reports: Charges, Invoices, Customers, Balance History, Customers and Charges, Customers and Subscriptions, and Customers and Invoices.

Each report can help you analyze your data to learn more about your company's revenue, customers, and more. 

  • The Customers and Invoices report includes information from both Customers and Invoices reports such as invoice ID, customer ID, invoice date, and customer created date.  Use this report to do things such as look at user cohorts.
  • The Customers and Charges report contains information from both the Customers and Charges reports such as charge ID, customer ID, charge created date, and customer created date.
  • The Customers and Subscriptions report has information such as customer id, delinquency, customer discount start and end date, customer coupon duration, subscription ID, plan name.
  • When importing the Charges report you will find information such as the charge created date, card type used, amount charged, and currency used. 
  • The Invoices report contains values such as the invoice ID, creation date, currency used, and invoice amount. 
  • The Customers report contains personal information you have from your customers such as email address, created date, plan type, and when they started their plan.
  • The Balance History report has information such as status of charges, net charge amount, amount refunded, and fund available date.

For more information on useful ways to analyze your Stripe data, check out DataHero's blog.


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