What does the "Other" category mean in the chart canvas?

If you're making a chart in DataHero that has many categories for one attribute, DataHero may condense them to make the chart easier to read. DataHero does this in two ways: on the x-axis and as a label. 

To include or exclude the OTHER category on the x-axis, simply drag on the attribute and under the attribute in the chart editing panel, there's a checkbox called SHOW "OTHER". This checkbox will create an aggregation of all the other categories not listed on the chart. 


To include or exclude the OTHER category in the labels along the y axis, simply drag on your attribute and under that label in the chart editing panel there will be a list of colors and labels from your data. The last label in the list is called "All Others". When the box is checked, the chart will show an aggregate of all other labels not included on the chart.  

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