Importing data from Google Analytics

Our connector to Google Analytics allows you to easily import Google Analytics dimensions and metrics into DataHero.  

To start simply connect your Google Analytics account with DataHero.


Next, select the account, property and profile you wish to import.  Each import from Google will allow you to select a different account, property or profile allowing you to easily aggregate your analytics across multiple accounts in one place.


Then select the metrics and dimensions to import.  Google allows you to select up to 6 dimensions and 10 metrics in any one report.  Selecting a greater number of dimensions can cause the import to be slower as Google needs time to process your request. You can use the search bar to search for specific items.  


Next, you will choose how much past data to import.  You can select anywhere from 1 day to 2 years.  As your data updates in DataHero, this range will adjust to always include the most recent data.

By default, we have the "date" field automatically selected for all imports since the Google Analytics interface is based on time.  If you wish to not include time as one of your dimensions, simply navigate to the "Time" category and unselect "Date".


Once you've imported your Google analytics data, you are free to make any graph you choose, combine it with other data, filter your results based on any metric or dimension and generally have the full flexibility of DataHero while working on your Google Analytics data.

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