What HubSpot questions can DataHero answer for me?

DataHero for HubSpot allows you to do everything from tracking when customers close deals, to filtering by custom fields, to displaying your data in different time groupings with your HubSpot analytics. All of these capabilities provide you with customized charts that highlight your HubSpot data best. If you use online tools that don’t integrate directly with HubSpot, you can also merge datasets from those services with data from HubSpot in DataHero.

By connecting DataHero to HubSpot you can answer questions like:

  • How marketing campaigns are performing? Ex. deals by close date, company, source, and more
  • How is site traffic distributed geographically?
  • How long does it take a customer to move through the funnel through cohort analysis?

To learn more about answering these questions, check out this blog post.

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