What is the maximum number of categories displayed on the Axes and Legend?

Fields with high cardinality, i.e. numerous elements, are a bit trickier to visualize, as all elements could not fit on a screen with finite width and height.  For example, the Source / Medium field from Google Analytics, tracks all possible web traffic sources for a particular website.  This field tends to have thousands and thousands of entries, as web traffic could originate from many places (see snippet below listing out the Source / Medium field).  




When fields like Source / Medium appear either on the horizontal or vertical axis of a chart or on the legend, it is hard for the chart to display all elements belonging to this field.  In such cases, DataHero will limit the number of elements appearing on either axis to 100 while the legend is limited to 25.  In the following sections, these two limits will be described in more detail.


In the example below, the Country field from Google Analytics is populating the vertical axis of the chart.  In our sample data, there are over 200 countries accessing our website.  As can be seen in the screenshot below the number of countries displayed is limited to 50.



Even though only up to 100 countries will be displayed on the chart, you can use the SORT option to either see the top or bottom 100 countries driving traffic to our site.  Furthermore, a filter could be used to remove certain elements from the chart, thus making "room" for new elements to be displayed.




Now we will turn our attention to the legend; the number of elements that could be displayed in the legend is set to 25, as it is a bit hard to distinguish more than 25 colors (remember each entry in the legend will correspond to a colored element on the chart).  In the example below, the Source / Medium field from Google Analytics is appearing in the legend.  Note that the number of elements displayed is limited to 25.



 Similar to the Axes, you can sort the items appearing in the legend to display the 25 most important Sources driving traffic to your site.  Select from the dropdown shown below ORDER: TOP BY VALUE and the chart will update accordingly.



You will frequently use the sorting options described above with the OTHER checkbox as well.


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